Cat Boarding-A Place for Pets Resort & Spa

A resort with their imagination in mind

A Place for Pets Resort & Spa

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Situated in downtown Frisco, Tx, A Place for Pets Resort & Spa offers a unique opportunity to pamper your pets with the amenities and convenience of a luxury hotel.


Our state-of-the-art all indoor climate-controlled pet resort and spa offers an extensive array of quality services in a stylish and comfortable setting with a highly experienced staff.

We are designed to keep your pet entertained and safe in your absence, to reduce his/her stress, and keep your pet contented.  We provide individualized, one-on-one time between your pet and his/her caretaker. We work with all pets according to their individual personalities and physical conditions. Much like children view their school and teachers, dogs accept us as their home away from home.


Your pet’s comfort and well-being is our primary purpose and paramount goal. We strive to be of the utmost service to those we serve and to respond to our clients needs in a loving, caring, fun and professional manner.


We are all truly animal people, which is reflected in our genuine affection for the animals and our dedication to caring for them compassionately.


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6349 Technology Drive, Frisco, Texas 75033, Phone: 972-377-3122 Fax: 972-335-3167